For those who haven't heard (or strangers who may somehow have stumbled across this little site!), we moved back to South Africa in October 2007, after 6 1/2 years in the UK. If you’re interested in how we ended up in London, or pictures of all of our travels over the last few years, etc, check out our old website.

I guess the main reason for creating a personal website - for us, anyway - was to stay in touch with family and friends after our decision seven years ago to move to the UK. It has been a fantastic time - we've travelled all over western Europe, the US and Australia, and have now returned to SA, with British passports and a kid in tow.

Right now we're settling down in Cape Town, finding somewhere to live, buying cars, and looking forward to being reunited with our household contents (currently on board a ship somewhere on the ocean). It's great to be "home". Despite the wind!

Given that we're now back in our homeland, and with the advent of Facebook, I can see this website won't be updated regularly. Please feel free to have a look around, leave us a message on the guestbook, or (better still) sign up to Facebook, and find us there.

God bless

Mark, Anne & Daniel

(Last updated 16 November 2007)